Success Stories

Below are some success stories from our valued clients.

Solving a Tax Challenge and Doing Good

A client knew that their annual income was going to be very large one year and be considerable smaller the next. In the current year, their income put them in the top federal and state (CA) tax brackets. The following year one spouse was making a career change and their income would put them in a much lower tax bracket. The client wanted to know what options were available to them to minimize their tax burden in the current year and set themselves up for the following year. With the blending of our cross-functional talents, Broadview was able to take a 360-degree view of the client’s assets and desires for investments and making philanthropic contributions. We recommended and established a donor advised fund. Our actions resulted in tangible savings of about $25,000 in the first year alone.

Successfully Navigating Estate Planning Needs and Strategies

We have many clients who have dual challenges: they have yet to set up key estate planning documents (eg Wills, Living Trusts, establishing financial and health care directives) and who have considerable wealth such that they are likely to face considerable estate tax exposure when they pass away. For our clients in Washington state, Oregon and other states that have considerable state estate tax structures it is important to proactively plan for these two things to ensure that families are well-prepared to leave their legacy in a manner than doesn’t leave children with uncertainty in decision-making and a large tax bill. Our experience in developing estate planning strategies and familiarity working with other key professionals across estate, tax and insurance fields enables us to serve clients well with their estate planning.

Implementing Best of Breed Retirement Planning Strategies

Working professionals have a myriad of retirement accounts they can take advantage of. There are IRAs and Roth IRAs, 401Ks and 403Bs (401Ks for teachers), After Tax 401Ks, Profit Sharing and Pension accounts (for targeted opportunities) and more. With dual-working families it’s often the case that clients have many or most of these and the question becomes how to utilize them to maximize wealth creation today and create the most favorable tax environment in retirement. We have extensive experience working with clients to ensure they have a plan that optimizes all of these retirement investment vehicles and that they implement the plan in a fashion consistent with the various rules and constraints.